Uplistsikhe caves Georgia

Day tour in Uplistsikhe caves Georgia

Day tour in Uplistsikhe caves Georgia – Tour package starting from Tbilisi. What’s more during this tour package we will visit Mtskheta city (svetickhoveli Church and Jvari Monastery), Trip to Joseph Stalin’s Museum in Gori. And the last stop: Visit Uplistsikhe caves City. DAY TOUR


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Svetickhoveli cathedral – Jvari monastery

Gori – Josep Stalin’s museum

Uplistsikhe cave city

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Uplistsikhe caves Georgia

Located in Eastern Georgia, Uplistsikhe (literally “Lord’s Fortress“) is an abandoned rock-hewn town. which once have played an important role in Georgian history. What’s more The place was founded in the late Bronze Age, around 1000 BC, and continued to be inhabited until 13th century AD. Between the 6th century BC and the 11st century AD.  Uplistsikhe was one of the most important political and religious centers of pre-Christian Kartli – one of the predecessors of the Georgian state. What’s more archaeologists have unearthed numerous temples and findings relating to a sun goddess, worshipped prior to the arrival of Christianity. When Christianity arrived in Georgia, the city lost importance in favor of the new centers of Christian culture, most notably Mtskheta and Tbilisi. Nevertheless, life continued in Uplistsikhe, Christian structures have been built, and for a short time, Christianity and the old faith coexisted in the city. After the Arab conquest of the royal city of Tbilisi, the town’s second heyday began.

Uplistsikhe caves Georgia

became the residence of the kings of Kartli, during which the town grew to a size of around 20,000 people, evolving into an important caravan trading post. When Tbilisi was recaptured in 1122, Uplistsikhe faced an immediate and rapid decline, culminated by the destruction of large parts of the city during the Mongol conquest in the 13th century, and the subsequent abandonment of the rest of the town. Uplistsikhe caves Georgia READ MORE