Georgia cave tours

Georgia cave tours – Visit martvili canyon and prometeus caves

Georgia cave tours – Day excursion to Martvili canyon starting from Tbilisi Georgia, first place we will visit will Sataplia cave city, than Trip to Prometeus caves and the last stop – Visit Martvili Canyon. After this destinations we will have a time fro Georgian traditional restaurant and then go back to Tbilisi.


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Sataplia caves

Prometheus caves

Martvili canyon

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Sataplia Cave – Managed Reserve is located in Tskaltubo municipality, Imereti region. Here is the footprints of Herbivorous and Raptor dinosaurs of different epochs are found. Sataplia dinosaurs are called “Satapliazaurus” and are different from Europian dinosaurs. Sataplia Cave – Easy pedestrian tourist routes are convenient for family travel and provide an opportunity to visit the conservation building of dinosaur footprints. Exhibition hall, unique karst caves,
Colchic Forest and the wild bee habitat area.  READ MORE


Prometheus Cave – Kumistavi cave, also known as the cave of Prometheus, is located near the Georgian town of Tskhaltubo, 20 km away from Kutaisi in Imereti region in the West of the country. It takes about an hour to explore it. Inside there are underground lakes and rivers; rather high humidity and a lot of bats, which, however, do not bother tourists, as they fly very high. Cave is one of the most touristy spots of Georgia. It is a unique experience to feel the underworld atmosphere in all its glory and colors. READ MORE


 Martvili canyon – district is truly one of the greatest places in Georgia – combining unique natural environment with historical monuments. It is a place with lots of waterfalls and sky blue water! You can lend a boat with a boatman and he will take you to unforgettable journey between high rocks in Canyon. There is also a small footpath which will lead you to the Dadiani’s “swimming pool” (this is a place of the river, looked like a pool). Great place to have an adventure with a family, friends or co-workers. READ MORE

Georgia cave tours


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