Okatse canyon

Okatse Canyon tour in Georgia country

Okatse Canyon tour in Georgia country starting from Tbilisi. In this Canyon tour package included: Trip to Okatse canyon, Visit kinchkha waterfall, and Martvili Canyon Tour. Day tour starting at 09:00-20:00. These places are the most important and popular sightseeing’s in georgia Country. Find Package


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Okatse Canyon

Kinchkha waterfall

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Okatse canyon

One of the tallest waterfall of Georgia – Kinchkha together with another water abundant waterfall nearby, Okatse Canyon natural monument (just a few km from Kinchkha in Gordi village) with recently built high quality tourist infrastructure – stairs, footpaths offering magnificent views to the canyon and its surroundings make a nice day out in the nature especially in spring when water levels are high and nature is in blossom with flowers all around and smell of yellow azalea and with still snowed Askhi Pleatau ; Also in summer when you can swim, relax or just find a really cool place for picnic and to taste some homemade Georgian wine with locals.

Canyon’s tours in Georgia

You need to enter from Dadiani Garden in Gordi. After the checkpoint there is little walk down (then up!) to arrive to Okatse bridge. Locals rent jeeps for 20-30 gel 1 way for lazy tourists especially for the way up. The bridge is 800m long and you are about 50m above the canyon so make sure none of you are so afraid of heights. From there you can continue to explore the area by visiting Lomina small waterfall/lake in the forest, which is perfect place for camping, just 2km from the main waterfalls site.

After you are done with Okatse bridge you can visit Kinchkha Waterfalls (most of the photos are of the waterfall!) – It’s not really good idea to walk to the waterfall – its boring car road which reaches village Upper Kinchkha center. From there part of the road is unpaved ascent. Then you will see long and shallow waterfall and cross short path to it. From the longer waterfall you need to walk down to main water-abundant waterfall following the river and you will be over it.  You can take photos and enjoy the place. READ MORE