Sataplia caves

Sataplia cave tour in Georgia Country

Sataplia cave tour – Cave tour in Georgia starting from Tbilisi. In this excursion package included: Visit Staplia caves, Trip to Prometheuc caves and Visit Martvili Canyon. What’s more this places are the most popular places in Georgia Country. Distance for the whole trip – 600 km, Timing: starting at 9:00-21:00pm.  Find Day tour or make a booking to reserve our package.


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Sataplia caves

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Sataplia cave

The Sataplia Nature Reserve is located in Tskaltubo district, about 260 km. from Tbilisi.

Established in 1935 to protect the Sataplia Cave and dinosaur footprints found in the area, this visitor attraction recently benefited from a very attractive refurbishment of its Sataplia Cave visitor center.

Sataplia Cave is named after Sataplia Mountain, which gained its name from the local tradition of collecting honey from the bees that inhabit the mountain’s southern slope. Sataplia means ‘place of honey’.

On the way to the cave you will see dinosaurs!

A Conservation Center and Museum have been constructed, together with glass walkways, viewing points, a cafeteria and other visitor amenities.Sataplia Cave is 900 m long, 10 m high and 12 m wide and contains dramatically lit stalactites and stalagmites.The visitor path through the cave is 314 meters long and is equipped with handrails. Audio and colorful visual effects enhance the natural beauty of the stalactites and stalagmites. The cave’s micro climate is protected by the use of a cold lighting system. The entrance and exit are made of glass to help ensure a static temperature inside the cave. Preserved Dinosaur Footprints inside the Conservation Building. A glass-bottomed viewing platform provides stunning views of the nature reserve. Sataplia cave in Georgia – Read more