Visit Borjomi Georgia

Borjomi Georgia – Visit Borjomi in Georgia Country. In this tour package we will make trip in Borjomi resort, will make an excursion in Rabati castle, And make a tour in Vardzia cave city. What’s more this tour starting from Tbilisi and we can make a circle and on the way back see very nice lakes in Samtskhe Javakheti region. Check Day tour


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Borjomi’s park

Rabati castle

Vardzia cave city

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Borjomi Georgia

Borjomi is a hydrothermal health spa resort in the southern region of Samskhe-Javakheti in Georgia. This picturesque valley of 10,500 residents lies within the Agura River gorge at an altitude of 800 m. Borjomi has an international reputation for its geothermal spring mineral water resources. Its accessible location in the beautiful Lesser Caucasus Mountains attracts tourists in search of nature, escape and enlightenment tourism opportunities year round.

Borjomi Georgia

Borjomi’s mineral waters were first mentioned as early as the 15th century but gained wider notoriety when the daughter of Evgeny Golovin, viceroy of the Russian Czar in the Caucasus, was cured there. The Yekaterinsky spring and the Yevgeniyevsky springs are named after them, respectively.Borjomi mineral water has become a well known brand and a calling card for Georgia. The sulfuric water’s healing properties are proven to be directly beneficial to the digestive system and metabolism. Today, Borjomi mineral water is sold in over 30 countries. Samples and history of the brand can be found in the Museum of Local Lore. The primary water source is found in Borjomi Central Park.