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Wine tour in Kakheti Geogria

Wine tour in Kakheti Georgia Starting From Tbilisi. In the package we will visit and taste the best winery’s in Georgia. Khareba winery tunnel. What’s more During the the tour we will see tourist places: Gremi Monastery, Nekresi Monastery, Ilia’s lake, Khareba wine tunnel – And trip to Sighnaghi. The city of love. WINE TOUR


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Kakheti Georgia

The history, culture and lifestyle of Georgians are embodied in their wine. Which presents a symbol of the hospitality, friendship and tolerance. The fertile land of Kakheti, burning sun and hard work have developed about 500 varieties of wine in Georgia. Greater diversity than anywhere else in the world, with around 40 of these grape varieties being used in commercial wine production. It is widely believed that wine production in Georgia first began, over 7000 years.

Kakheti Georgia – The eastern region of Kakheti is Georgia’s premier wine-producing area. What’s more Almost everywhere you go, you’ll be invited to drink a glass of wine. At the same time it’s easy to find yourself wandering around in a semi-permanent mellow haze. Kakheti is also rich in history: here you’ll find the picturesque hilltop town of Sighnaghi, many beautiful churches, castles and mansions around the main town, Telavi. Distance from Tbilisi 100km.Read more 

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